Providing unique cost effective integrity control systems for OEM and End User clients around the globe.

Standard or customized solutions are delivered on time and on budget. Choose from the list below or challenge us with your application.

Gift and Credit Card Solutions

gift and credit cardsFor over a decade, our Data-Trac systems have been comforting our Fortune 100 credit and gift card producing clients that the right product went on the proper document. Billions of cards, to the mass market, all recorded for liability protection and assurance.

Perfect Binding and Stitching Solutions

perfect binding and stitchingThe numbers speak for themselves: Over 30M self-published books, 100M test books and millions of journals and quarterly financial statements throughout the world have been inspected by our Book-Trac products. Our Book-Trac family of solutions help drive, secure, trim, and even report your digital print binding and stitching applications.

Intelligent Packaging and Labeling Solutions

intelligent packaging and labelingPack-Trac products count, inspect and package products that need to be intelligently labeled, placed in a carton and palletized. It drives the equipment that feeds, wraps and labels. We'll deliver turn-key solutions or field retrofit to your equipment.

Manual Asssembly Products

manual assembly productsKit-Trac allows you to confirm the proper assembly of manual tasks. Perfect for the mailing, fulfillment and packaging industries. From stand-alone to multi-seat assemble stations, it is the low cost solution you’ve been looking for.

Job Tracking and Reporting

job tracking and reportingSTRATUS is designed for your small to medium sized business. Monitor and track batch to individual piece level process work flow throughout your facility. The self-maintainable web browser based solution is one you can afford and grow with.

What Our Clients Say

“This solution makes all the difference in our business. We would not be able to run profitably without the creative relationship we share with Productive Solutions. It’s a unique relationship.”Book-Trac client | Rochester, NY

“Everything we make gets “touched” by their software. We know where every document is in the facility. The cost savings and efficiencies created by our relationship are significant.”Data-Trac and Stratus client | OK