Complete Data Integrity & Reporting Platform

Why Data-Trac?

Not a typical matching system, Data-Trac is primarily a data integrity and reporting platform that has everything you need for complete production control. Data-Trac's modular design allows you to start small and expand as your applications grow.

Data Trac

Simply begin with:
  • Two reader matching
  • Sequence and duplicate checking
Whenever you're ready, add:
  • Intelligent selective controls
  • Diverting
  • Database look-up matching and controls
  • Multiple readers
  • Intelligent batching
  • Reporting
  • Read and export

Data-Trac is designed with the operator in mind. Minimal training and setup requirements allow the operator to spend time running the process, not setting up the software.

Plus, Data-Trac system is 100% compatible with our STRATUS Job Integrity Reporting solution that allows complete job tracking capabilities throughout your production facility.


Data Track monitor

Data Trac