Our Low Cost Kit Building Solution

Designed for Automation

Kit-Trac is designed specifically for automating the recording of pieces being assembled into a “kit”.

  • Record pieces going into a package
  • Confirm pieces against a work order
  • Assemble items in the proper sequence
  • Record and time stamp each action into an SQL database for assembly confirmation
  • Audible and visual queues to confirm or warn an operator of proper/improper actions
  • Provide a data trail for confirming which operators might require retraining or can be team leaders
  • Automated login and time outs for multiple operator use stations. For example: one operator can login, make their kits, and automatically be timed out. The “station” status is released and now can be utilized by another operator. Efficiency is boosted - a three-station unit can be used by five operators, off and on.


All data is conveniently recorded from standard “reader” technology such as:

  • Linear & 2D Barcode wands
  • Magnetic Stripe Readers
  • RFID Readers, etc.

Easy to Use

  • Simply connect the readers with the communication port on your host PC
  • Configure the operator parameters (name, work station, etc.) and start recording the data immediately, depending on the product selected
  • Upload your collected data to a host Server File Location or to be “queried” by standard SQL tools


Kit Track