About Us

A unique blend of talented people and leading edge technologies.

We’re Focused on the Total Solution

Productive Solutions has been serving our clients for over a decade. Our forte is the design and implementation of reasonably priced integrity control systems. We operate on the principal of “investing in ourselves” to help drive a market opportunity. We’re not opposed to developing something simply because we see a need.

Our all North America based software team works hand in hand with the client and our sales team. We know what we can and can’t do! Simplicity breeds reliability (and happy operators!)

Our OEM applications are typically developed by working with an application in the field. If you’re an OEM, give is a call. We’ll work directly with your client and keep you in the loop on our progress. Once developed, you’ll have a turn-key solution that has proven itself in the field.

We're Good

At Productive Solutions we work WITH our clients to yield the best results and we have the ability to respond quickly because:

  • we don’t have a lot of overhead
  • we ask the right questions
  • we listen to your needs
  • we ask for your involvement
  • we make decisions rapidly
  • we know what we can do

If you have a potential application, call us. If it’s something we can do, we’ll tell you, probably on the spot. If we can’t, we’ll try to refer you to someone who can. It’s our way of making every solution...productive!

Our Customers Are a Viable Part of Each Solution

If you’re looking for a company to do everything for you, we’re probably not the team you need. That’s because the best solutions always come from a true collaboration, and you’ve got a seat at the table. With our “taking ownership” approach, our clients are actively involved in the development process, implementation, and operation of our solutions. The collaboration process goes like this:

We have a 20 minute rule. The client will change their minds about a feature, just after the system has been delivered.  We prepare for that ahead of time and deliver a solution that is very close to your ultimate goal. This minimizes the time between delivery and full blown production.

We keep you in the loop. Most applications take days to weeks to develop, not much more. Through all this, you are kept abreast of our progress on a regular basis.

We have a “pre-installation checklist”. This allows us to make sure you’re ready when we are.

We ask for your referrals. It’s amazing what happens when you treat a customer as your best reference. We strive to be your best supplier in everything we do.

As a result, we have happy customers. The clients listed below are just a few...