In-line Book-Trac

Automated Book-of-One Manufacturing

In-Line Success

In-Line Book-Trac was designed specifically for the POD (Print On Demand) and Book-of-One marketplace and has been successfully used to create nearly 45,000,000 books globally. Regardless of the printing and cover process, Book-Trac automated the near lights out of your POD Perfect Binding Process.

In-Line Book-trac screen

  • Connects to the CP Bourg BBF2005 Perfect Binder
  • Works with any in-line digital print engine, Kodak, Canon or Xerox
  • Supplied feeder auto-loads covers, allowing one operator to easily run 4-6 digital print lines simultaneously
  • Creates a Print Queue to stay ahead of the digital print engine
  • Confirms the right cover binds to the correct book block
  • Can accommodate UV or laminated coatings
  • Stops the process without creating scrap
  • Feeds virtually any standard cover materials created on: HP, iGen, Nexpress, Xeikon, UV, Laminated, etc.
  • Allows production to run during breaks gaining back valuable lost production time
  • Includes “Auto-Sizing” on a Challenge CMT 330 Three Knife Trimmer
  • Time stamps and can “push” all production data to your MIS System or our STRATUS Job Tracking System
  • Minimal annual maintenance costs and procedures


In-Line Book Trac

In-Line Book Trac