Book-Trac Stitching

Flexible Solutions for Bindery

IBIS Smart Binders & Other Stitching Apps

Smart Binding is now super intelligent thanks to Book-Trac! Product codes on your sheet material can now be used to actually “drive” the assembly process.

  • Verify the proper job has been loaded
  • Verify sheet, set and order integrity
  • Drive other feeders to automated the intelligent assembly of stitched books
  • Match to cover on the fly
  • Store and time stamp all data for easy retrieval or mating with our STRATUS Job Tracking System

CP Bourg Modulen Stitcher

Monitor up to 40 pockets on your Modulen stitching line. Can be retrofitted to your existing system.

  • Reader in every pocket
  • Simple job set up can be completed in seconds
  • Inspect every sheet
  • Stop on no reads, blanks or improper orientation
  • Compatible with STRATUS Job Tracking System